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            What is included in the Xtreme Gold Package?

            • Weather alerts emailed prior to each storm
            • Access to live information via client portal
            • Access to start and stop times via client portal
            • Access to live GPS tracking via client portal
            • Access to service schedule and invoices via client portal
            • Clearing of all parking areas one time within 24 hours
            • Liquid pre-treat of sidewalks and paved surfaces
            • Ice melt applications every 3 to 4 inches or if icy conditions exist
            • Sidewalks cleared every 4 inches of snow
            • Plowing to start at 1 inch and every 2 inches thereafter
            • Refreeze ice melt application applied as needed after storm wherever refreeze warning is in effect

            Updated: 30 Nov 2018 01:02 AM
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